On the occasion of the celebration of a new edition of  One Day, One Topic on Thursday 18th, we have made a selection of resources about Leverage, the ability to gear your account into a position greater than your total account margin.

Webinar Recordings:

One Day One Topic: LEVERAGE - The 5 Point Blank Reasons Why Leverage Stopped Me From Growing in Forex by Navin Prithyani

In this webinar I'm going to discuss the reasons why Leverage is deadly and how I overcame that problem almost instantaneously.

One Day One Topic: LEVERAGE - Toxic and Healthy leverage by Juan Colón

Leverage increases the risk of total failure much faster than it increases potential return - the more you lever up, the faster you approach doom.

One Day One Topic: LEVERAGE - Leverage changes everything by Dirk Du Toit

It is probably not too arrogant of me to say that I am the father of the low leverage forex trading approach in the retail 'help me trade forex' space.

One Day One Topic: LEVERAGE - Plan Your Trade, Trade Your Plan by Todd Gordon

Your analysis on the next trade setup is complete, but now begins the most crucial part of the trading process; the ART of the Trade.

One Day One Topic: LEVERAGE - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly by Sam Evans

Sam Evans takes a look at both the benefits and curses of using leverage in today's currency

Ins & Outs of Forex Trading by Tom Dawson, CTA

In this webinar Tom Dawson and Josh Colton from Taylor growth will discuss how a high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you.


The Power of Leverage by Gabe Velázquez

In the financial markets, successful speculation boils down to a few factors that, although not easy to attain, are quite simple. Those factors are low risk, high probability, taken with a reasonable degree of leverage..

Lessons for Using Leverage by FXTM Research Team

Leverage is something that forex traders are intimately familiar with – and most use – but leverage has significant risks associated with it...

Leverage on focus by FXStreet Team

The NFA recently submitted a proposed rule change to the maximum leverage an FDM may allow its retail clients to use...

Pips, Lots, Leverage & Margins by Andrew Knight

Leverage allows you to control more currency in a trade than you have deposited in your account...

Margin and Leverage in Learning Center

A very extended and poor definition of leverage is that it's a tool that will help traders earn money fast and easy...

Forex DVD's with Top Traders

#1: Support and Resistance Trading by Rob Booker

#2: High Probability Trend Following by James Chen

#3: Pivot Points and Swing Trading - 2nd Edition by Chris Capre

#4: Naked Forex: Indicator-Free Trading Systems by Walter Peters

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Let's learn together!

In this chapter, Concepts That Work, you will learn some highly-effective, dynamic combinations of trading concepts you can use to design great strategies

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The Handbook of Portfolio Mathematics

Ralph Vincel − Ralph Vince has made many contributions to the world of money management in trading over the course of his career, and his thoughts on this subject have captured the attention of both financial professionals and savvy individual traders alike. In The Handbook of Portfolio Mathematics, Vince outlines the essential elements found in his first three groundbreaking books...

Other recommended trading books:

The Psychology of Technical Analysis by Tony Plummer

ForeX Trading for Maximum Profit by Raghee Horner

The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Mind over Markets by James F. Dalton, Eric T. Jones & Robert Bevan Dalton

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Forex eBook

Opportunities in Forex Calendar Trading Patterns

Would Knowing Where Your Favorite Currency Pair is Likely to Go Improve Your Forex Trading?

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Barcelona Trading Point

Sep 25 2014 - Sep 27 2014

Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain.

By Barcelona Trading Point

Barcelona Trading Point

Sep 25 2014 - Sep 27 2014

UPF Campus Ciutadella. C/ Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27, Barcelona, Spain.

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Conference on Technical analysis

Oct 4 2014 - Oct 5 2014

1V Vadyma Hetmana Street, Convention Center "Olympic Hall", Kiev, Ukraine.

By Elliott Wave Ukraine LLC.


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Oct 31 2014 - Nov 1 2014




Nov 18 2014 - Nov 20 2014


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By Tokyo Traders

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