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As a trader and educator, I have come across thousands of traders during the past 15 years. I can honestly say that I have never met or seen one trader be able to sit down in front of a screen each morning without a trading plan, look at a few charts, start trading and make money consistently year after year. I am not saying it’s not possible, I have just never seen it.

What Is The Best Style Of Forex Trading?

But it Beat Earnings!

Emotional Intelligence and What It Means to your Trading

Daily Trading Shows

Currency Perspectives with Reggie Ringgold

The Euro showed a little strength, while the dollar took a breather! Reggie Ringgold joins Power Trading Radio to offer his thoughts on the trend for both of these currencies and much more. The duo take a look at how the recent Greek elections may impact the Euro going forward and possibly global currencies.

Online Trading Course!

Novice in trading? This is your course! Together with University of Essex Online, FXStreet has developed a course 100% online to help you to learn how to trade and invest on the finantial markets

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Let's learn together!

In this chapter, Advantages and Disadvantages, we'll know more about both sides of Forex market

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Forex DVD's with Top Traders

#1: Support and Resistance Trading by Rob Booker

#2: High Probability Trend Following by James Chen

#3: Pivot Points and Swing Trading - 2nd Edition by Chris Capre

#4: Naked Forex: Indicator-Free Trading Systems by Walter Peters

PACKAGE: 500$ for the 4 DVD sets. You'll pay 27% less! Don't miss it

Getting Started in Chart Patterns

Thomas N. Bulkowski − Your plain−English guide to understanding and using technical chart patternsChart pattern analysis is not only one of the most important investing tools, but also one of the most popular. Filled with expert insights and practical advice from one of the best in the business, Getting Started in Chart Patterns, Second Edition helps new and seasoned traders alike profit by tracking and identifying specific chart patterns.Substantially revised and expanded, this new edition stay true to the original, with author Thomas Bulkowski's frank discussion of how trading behavior can affect the bottom line.

Other recommended trading books:

Essentials of Trading by Leslie Jouflas & Larry Pesavento

The Silk Road to Riches by Elliott H. Gue, Ivan D. Martchev & Yiannis Mostrous

Elliott Wave Principle: Key to Market Behavior by A. J. Frost & Robert R. Prechter Jr.

Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market by Kathy Lien

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Forex eBook

Opportunities in Forex Calendar Trading Patterns

Would Knowing Where Your Favorite Currency Pair is Likely to Go Improve Your Forex Trading?

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Jan 27 2015 - Jan 29 2015

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR.

By Conversion Pros and Forex Magnates

The World MoneyShow Orlando

Feb 5 2015 - Feb 7 2015

Orlando, United States.

By MoneyShow

14th MENA Forex, Managed Funds & Investment Show

Feb 12 2015 - Feb 13 2015

Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

By Arabcom group


Forex Workshop


By Tokyo Traders


Sam SeidenSam Seiden is back on Premium! Don't miss his webinar tomorrow Thursday.
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Educational webinar

Greg Michalowski: Risk in your forex trading

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ABC of Forex

Newbies! FXStreet explains you the basics of forex trading in these short videos.

1. What is Forex?

2. How to access the FX market?

3. How to read a chart? Technical and Fundamental analysis

4. What weights on the currency movements?

Brokers selection

How to Choose a Forex Broker

What you need to know before making your choice. Read our Guide

Steve Ruffley

Wed, Jan 28, 18:45 GMT

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The FED has ended 2014 with an air of anti-climax. The QE has stopped and...

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