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How to set up an EA in MetaTrader 4

EA’s, or expert advisors, are trading systems that can enter buy and sell decisions into the forex markets through the trading platform MetaTrader 4. They are gaining in popularity, particularly with the rise of peer to peer trade following sites such as ZuluTrade, and with the growth of social media. EA’s allow several advantages to normal trading such as the elimination of emotion and the ability...

Is MT5 better than MT4?

How to Backtest an EA on MT4

MetaTrader 4 Tutorial - Placing Orders (Part 1)

Daily Trading Shows

When to Sue your 401k with Paul Orme

Merlin and guests have talked many times on the shenanigans that 401k providers are pulling on investors, generally in the form of ridiculous fees. ProActive investing master, Paul Orme joins Merlin for a look at several recent lawsuits against these firms and their elevated fees. The duo talks about the importance of knowing your investments, and being active in their management. Just a 1.25% savings...

Forex DVD's with Top Traders

#1: Support and Resistance Trading by Rob Booker

#2: High Probability Trend Following by James Chen

#3: Pivot Points and Swing Trading - 2nd Edition by Chris Capre

#4: Naked Forex: Indicator-Free Trading Systems by Walter Peters

PACKAGE: 500$ for the 4 DVD sets. You'll pay 27% less! Don't miss it

Let's learn together!

In this section, Example of a Trading System, we will follow the steps outlined in the previous section and build a trading system from scratch.

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Kathleen Brooks on Forex

Kathleen Brooks − A simple approach to successful forex trading Many foreign exchange traders use either fundamental analysis or technical analysis and they're often considered to be mutually exclusive approaches. But FX does not have to be traded that way − fusing the two types of analysis will improve your research and, more importantly, your trading results. This is how Kathleen Brooks trades foreign exchange and she has found it to be extremely successful.

Other recommended trading books:

Trade With Passion and Purpose by Mark Whistler

Market Mind Games by Denise Shull

Forex Revolution by Peter A Rosenstreich

Day Trading the Currency Market by Kathy Lien

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Forex eBook

Opportunities in Forex Calendar Trading Patterns

Would Knowing Where Your Favorite Currency Pair is Likely to Go Improve Your Forex Trading?

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16th International exhibition of exchange trade industry “Moscow Forex Expo” 2014

Apr 25 2014 - Apr 26 2014

Hotel Radisson Slavyanskaya, Moscow, Russia.


Trading, Property & Franchise Expo 2014 Sidney

May 2 2014 - May 3 2014

Sydney Exhibition Centre at Glebe Island, Sidney, Australia.


2014 China International Online Trading Expo

May 9 2014 - May 10 2014

Shanghai Pudong Expo Center, Shanghai, China.

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Apr 22 2014 - Apr 24 2014


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Forex Network London 2014

Apr 23 2014 - Apr 23 2014

London, United Kingdom.

By Profit & Loss

The 21st Annual Global Derivatives Trading & Risk Management

May 12 2014 - May 16 2014

Hotel Okura, Amsterdam, Netherlands, The.

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New FXStreet office

LondonFXStreet opens an office in London. More info

ABC of Forex

Newbies! FXStreet explains you the basics of forex trading in these short videos.

1. What is Forex?

2. How to access the FX market?

3. How to read a chart? Technical and Fundamental analysis

4. What weights on the currency movements?

Brokers selection

How to Choose a Forex Broker

What you need to know before making your choice. Read our Guide

Dr. S. Sivaraman

Mon, Apr 21, 05:00 GMT

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Dr. Sivaraman will review the previous day close levels and calls given in his blog...

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