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I have been in the trading business for nearly 20 years as a trader, fund manager, and educator, beginning on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on the institutional side of the business. If I had to list the top three mistakes I see most traders make, one that would for sure be on the list is when people enter the market. Most traders today still buy and sell “breakouts.” Trading breakouts can be high risk, high stress, low reward...

Is It Me or Is It The FX Market?

Market Health

Is Your Trade Perspective Helping Your Perception?

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Trading Support with Brandon Tristan

Every trader seeks out other traders, yet most only find bad advice and shenanigans. Brandon Tristan is part of a world class team that works with groups of traders from around the world every day. This trading environment, XLT (Extended Learning Track), was designed to help traders share ideas, understand trading concepts and apply Online Trading Academy’s patented trading methodology in a live...

Forex DVD's with Top Traders

#1: Support and Resistance Trading by Rob Booker

#2: High Probability Trend Following by James Chen

#3: Pivot Points and Swing Trading - 2nd Edition by Chris Capre

#4: Naked Forex: Indicator-Free Trading Systems by Walter Peters

PACKAGE: 500$ for the 4 DVD sets. You'll pay 27% less! Don't miss it

Let's learn together!

In this chapter, Trading Sensations, we'll have a look at original ideas to build your trading methodologies.

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The Best Trendline Methods

Patrick Mikula − The very rare trendline methods of Alan Andrews have been research by the author for over ten years and finally brought together in this single volume. The trendline methods are used for short to intermediate term financial trading and have never all been published in one place before. Also included are the latest trendline advancements built on Alan Andrews methods. The new material is exclusive to this book.

Other recommended trading books:

Forex for Beginners by Adam Kritzer

Mastering the Currency Market by Jay Norris, Teresa Bell & Al Gaskill

Trade What You See by Leslie Jouflas & Larry Pesavento

Mind over Markets by James F. Dalton, Eric T. Jones & Robert Bevan Dalton

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Forex eBook

Opportunities in Forex Calendar Trading Patterns

Would Knowing Where Your Favorite Currency Pair is Likely to Go Improve Your Forex Trading?

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eTradingExpo 2014

May 30 2014 - Aug 8 2014

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International B2B Forex Forum 2014 in Sochi

Aug 20 2014 - Aug 23 2014

Radisson Lazurnaya Hotel, Sochi, Russia.


The MoneyShow San Francisco

Aug 21 2014 - Aug 23 2014

Hilton Hotel, San Francisco, United States.

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Sep 16 2014 - Sep 18 2014


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FOREX EXPO AWARDS 2014, voting is open!

Oct 31 2014 - Nov 1 2014




Nov 18 2014 - Nov 20 2014


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ABC of Forex

Newbies! FXStreet explains you the basics of forex trading in these short videos.

1. What is Forex?

2. How to access the FX market?

3. How to read a chart? Technical and Fundamental analysis

4. What weights on the currency movements?

Brokers selection

How to Choose a Forex Broker

What you need to know before making your choice. Read our Guide

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