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All about the Hong Kong dollar

In the early 1800s massive loads of tea arriving from China kept English society lubricated. The United Kingdom shipped back clocks and fancy watches as payment but there was so much tea coming into England that the British started exporting opium, then legal to grow in Britain, to balance the trade books. The Qing Dynasty objected to the flow of drugs into its country and the First Opium War erupted...

3 More Exotic Currencies To Add to Your Trading Basket

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Beginning of the Correction with Mike McMahon

Master instructor, Mike McMahon , joins Merlin for a look at why he believes the Top for the year is in for the equity markets. He points to several factors which should start a nice, and much needed, correction! Later the duo take a look at Gold, Texas Instruments, Apple, and several other stocks. While he sees a good correction coming, he also is quick to point out that he is bullish on the markets...

Forex DVD's with Top Traders

#1: Support and Resistance Trading by Rob Booker

#2: High Probability Trend Following by James Chen

#3: Pivot Points and Swing Trading - 2nd Edition by Chris Capre

#4: Naked Forex: Indicator-Free Trading Systems by Walter Peters

PACKAGE: 500$ for the 4 DVD sets. You'll pay 27% less! Don't miss it

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In this chapter, Trend Following Starters, we'll take a look at Momentum Box Trade, Fibonacci based Moving Averages and Human Perception Gaps.

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Design, Testing, and Optimization of Trading Systems

Robert Pardo − A practical, hands−on guide to setting up, adjusting, and trading mechanical systems that requires no computer or programming skills! Here's everything you'll need to develop and verify each stage of a profitable trading strategy, from formulation through testing to real−time trading. Armed with the author's battery of easily accomplished testing and optimization techniques — many never...

Other recommended trading books:

Trading Systems That Work by Thomas Stridsman

Profiting With Forex by John Jagerson & S. Wade Hansen

Trading Full Circle by Jea Yu

Harmonic Trading, Volume One by Scott M. Carney

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Forex eBook

Opportunities in Forex Calendar Trading Patterns

Would Knowing Where Your Favorite Currency Pair is Likely to Go Improve Your Forex Trading?

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eTradingExpo 2014

May 30 2014 - Aug 8 2014

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International B2B Forex Forum 2014 in Sochi

Aug 20 2014 - Aug 23 2014

Radisson Lazurnaya Hotel, Sochi, Russia.


The MoneyShow San Francisco

Aug 21 2014 - Aug 23 2014

Hilton Hotel, San Francisco, United States.

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Sep 16 2014 - Sep 18 2014


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FOREX EXPO AWARDS 2014, voting is open!

Oct 31 2014 - Nov 1 2014




Nov 18 2014 - Nov 20 2014


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The best Forex sites to Follow in 2014

FXStreet and ForexStreetFXStreet and ForexStreet among the best Forex content Sites and Blogs to Follow in 2014.
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ABC of Forex

Newbies! FXStreet explains you the basics of forex trading in these short videos.

1. What is Forex?

2. How to access the FX market?

3. How to read a chart? Technical and Fundamental analysis

4. What weights on the currency movements?

Brokers selection

How to Choose a Forex Broker

What you need to know before making your choice. Read our Guide

Kathleen Brooks

Tue, Jul 22, 10:00 GMT

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Join’s research director Kathleen Brooks as she uses her fundamental and technical expertise to...

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