Forex Live Analysis Room with Dale J Pinkert

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Forex Live Analysis Room

Weekdays from 13:00 GMT to 17:00 GMT

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Join us for a unique Forex experience in the FXStreet’s Live Analysis Room. The #FXroom is being hosted by Dale Pinkert, long time and popular contributor on FXStreet. 4 hours each day, 20 hours per week with a masterclass mentor. Know our Mastermind concept as we all edify each other 1+1=11.

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Featured Guest of the Week

Steve RuffleySteve Ruffley, Wednesday, April 15 - From investing for HNWIs at PriceWaterhouseCoopers to mentoring and risk managing the top city traders at Refco, there is not much he hasn’t done. @steveruffley

More Scheduled Guests

Lee Jackson Monday, April 14

Andrej Rocens Tuesday, April 16

Greg Harmon Thursday, April 17

The #FXroom will be closed on Friday, April 18

Live Analysis and Event Coverages Schedule

USD - US GDP: Thu, April 30th 12:15 GMT / 8:15 am ET

USD - Fed Interest Rate decision: Wed, Apr 30th 17:45 GMT / 13:45 am ET

GBP - BoE Interest Rate Decision: Thu, May 8 2014 10:45 GMT / 6:45 am ET

EUR - ECB Interest Rate Decision: Thu, May 08 2014 11:30 GMT / 7:30 am ET

USD - US Nonfarm Payrolls: Fri, May 2nd 12:15 GMT / 8:15 am ET


13:00 - 14:00 GMT (9–10 EST) Opening Bell Segment

Review overnight movements and their implications
5 minute Break

14:00 – 15:00 GMT (10–11 EST) Brainstorm, Mastermind Hour

Students and traders share ideas, methodologies and setups.
15 minute Break

15:10 – 16:00 GMT (11–12 EST) Guest Speakers and Interviews

Guest analysts give their take on market direction and forecasts
5 minute Break

16:00 – 17:00 GMT (12–13 EST) Wrap Up

Session review. Preparing for upcoming sessions.

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