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Nenad Kerkez

About the course

  • Expertise Field
    Camarilla system & MACD
  • Difficulty
    All Levels
  • Duration
    1 Month
  • Methodology
    Video + Course documentation + 1 Month of community access

course description

The ecs.CAMMACD method offers an educational course and a complete trading system. The CAMMACD education explains how to understand price action, indicators, technical analysis, risk & psychology and much more. The trading system is fully rule-based and combines price action with indicators such as the Camarilla PP indicator (CAM) and the ecs.MACD for a simple approach. The CAMMACD method also includes proprietary MT4 indicators, templates and semi-automated signals (arrows, circles from higher time frames on H1). As a bonus, traders also receive 1 month of ecsLIVE with live trade ideas, setups, analysis and webinars.

The goal of this course is to help traders become consistently profitable in the long-term by offering them actionable knowledge and concrete tools. To meet this goal, the course emphasizes both theory and practice that traders of all experience levels are able to understand. Nenad explains the basics and core aspects of the Forex market, price charts, technical analysis, trading psychology, and risk management but he also makes sure that the course goes beyond theory. How? By sharing a clear and successful trading system called the CAMMACD.MTF, which shows how traders can find profitable entries and exits. The CAMMACD.MTF is a robust trading strategy with simple rules.


+ 1 month of ecsLIVE access


$693.00 FXS price

course index

Part 1: Trading Tools

  • Chapter 1: Candlesticks
  • Chapter 2: Trend
  • Chapter 3: Trend lines
  • Chapter 4: Fibonacci

Part 2: ECS Tools

  • Chapter 1: ATR and MACD
  • Chapter 2: Order Block
  • Chapter 3: EMA 89 and T-89 Pattern
  • Chapter 4: Camarilla

Part 3: Risk & Psychology

  • Chapter 1: Risk Management
  • Chapter 2: Targets and Stops
  • Chapter 3: Trading Psychology

Part 4: Trading Systems

  • Chapter 1: MTF Trading


$693.00 FXS price

About Nenad Kerkez

M.Ec. Nenad Kerkez aka Tarantula is an Elite CurrenSea's Head trader and a valued contributor to many premium Forex and trading websites including Fxstreet.com.

His excellent knowledge of financial markets makes him frequently appear as a Feature presenter at FX Expos, Seminars, Live panels and other important events. Having acquired his nickname Tarantula on Forex Factory, Nenad's fiery passion in trading made him receive two awards at Fxstreet.com. His CAMMACD ™ method is a one of a kind trading method that Nenad also utilises for Forex and CFD analyses.

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