We Really Trade.

If you want to learn how to trade, improve your trading, or just follow us in the markets, you are in the right place. Here you can find trade ideas, and those trade decisions explained, for all levels, from beginner to advanced. The track record is based on real trading, with an accumulated sum of +16.000 pips, with a frequency of 1.6 trades per day since March 2015.

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  • Our long limit order at 1.0708 was missed by 1 pip on the inconsequential blip to 1.0709. We are accomodating the order lower to 1.0700 keeping with the 68 pips target. The rationale being today's pivot point S1 at 1.0698 is confluent with round number 1.07. This idea seems backed by Brian Twomey's assessment "EUR/USD bottoms today are located from 1.0697 to 1.0690." [Updated 01/23 15:03 CET];

  • "This is the highest level for the euro since December 8. The $1.0710 area stalled the euro at the beginning of last week, which corresponds to a 38.2% retracement objective of the euro's losses since the US election. The 50% retracement is near $1.0820." - Marc Chandler [Updated 01/19 13:23 CET];

  • "USD speculative net longs continued to retreat during the week ended on January 17, falling to levels last seen in late November, as per the latest CFTC report"- Pablo Piovano [Updated 01/23 12:57 CET]

  • Limit sell order placed last Thursday at 1.0744 was executed during the Asian section. The rationaled explained below [Updated 01/23 10:25 CET];



    LONG 4,268 EUR

    SHORT 4,596 EUR

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    A look at the Commitment of Traders Report

    Performance Statistics

    Since inception (updated EOM):

    Growth: 12.5%

    Total pips: 17,196

    Drawdown: -30%

    Avg pips/day: 35

    Trades/day: 1.6

    Win rate: 94%

    Avg win: 45 pips

    Avg loss: 310 pips

    Updated 31st Jan. 2017

    The Method Explained

    The trading methodology is technical discretionary with strong enphasis on risk management: control of used and available margin, effective leverage, and position sizing. It is meant to capture the most amount of pips from the constant intraday price oscillations in the EUR/USD while keeping the floating draw down at bay. There is no use of stop loss orders for each trade, instead, the risk is managed as a whole, for the entire position.

    To learn more about the method, you can watch the below webinars:

    The Trader

    Before starting to work at FXStreet.com in 2008, I was already following the site. Almost everything I learned about trading was through FXStreet. I've learned from many of its dedicated contributors and was particularly inspired by a few of them. What you see in this page is the result of all these years of experience and learning.

    I've become a product of FXStreet. A profitable one..

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