American equity markets open cautiously Friday (Barcelona) - The US Stock market experienced a slightly mixed opening Friday, one day removed from the positive optimism radiating across Europe and China. After the recent release of US data, including weaker than expected trade data, the market is still searching for a direction.

Beginning with the indices and composites, the NASDAQ rose +0.13% as it settles in region of 3125.98, up +53.97 points in these moments. In addition, the S&P 500 is trading in negative territory, operating at 1471.61, losing -0.71 points or -0.05% at the time of writing. Finally, the Dow Jones has moved lower at the opening as well, trading in the zone of 13462.36, presently –0.07% after a descent of -08.87 points.

Sectors are all red at the opening, however the Technology and Transportation sectors have distinguished themselves as the lone winners thus far, climbing +0.17% and +0.12%. In other news, the price of crude has settled above USD $93.17 today, moving -0.70%.