China: Economy grew 2.0% (m/m), 7.9% (y/y) in Q4 2012 (San Francisco) - The Chinese Gross Domestic Product came in soft at 2.0% (vs. 2.3% expected) in the final quarter of 2012, though exceeded consensus forecasts in the year to Q4 2012 at 7.9% (vs. 7.8% expected), the National Bureau of Statistics of China reported Friday; overall, the figures should be considered to be largely in line with economist estimates. There was little improvement in industrial production and retail sales, at 10.3% (vs. 10.1%) and 15.2% (vs. 14.9%), respectively. Urban investment year-to-date in the final month of 2012 printed slightly below expectations at 20.6% (vs. 20.7%).