ECB Foreign Exchange Reference Rates - Jan 30

ECB Foreign Exchange Reference Rates - Jan 30
     LONDON (Dow Jones)--Following are European Central Bank foreign exchange reference rates. All currencies are quoted against the euro.  US Dollar           USD       1.2816 Japanese yen        JPY       114.98 Bulgarian lev       BGN       1.9558 Czech koruna        CZK       27.882 Danish krone        DKK       7.4531 Estonian kroon      EEK       15.6466 British pound       GBP       0.89785 Hungarian forint    HUF       299.08 Lithuanian litas    LTL       3.4528 Latvian lats        LVL       0.6992 Polish zloty        PLN       4.462 Romanian leu        RON       4.309 Swedish krona       SEK       10.609 Swiss franc         CHF       1.4871 Norwegian krone     NOK       8.8875 Croatian kuna       HRK       7.37 Russian ruble       RUB       45.7585 New Turkish lira    TRY       2.117 Australian dollar   AUD       2.0115 Brasilian Real      BRL       2.964 Canadian dollar     CAD       1.5895 Chinese yuan        CNY       8.7636 Hong Kong dollar    HKD       9.9399 Indonesian rupiah   IDR       14610.24 Indonesian rupiah   INR       62.401 South Korean won    KRW       1787.83 Mexican Peso        MXN       18.423 Malaysian ringgit   MYR       4.6234 New Zealand dollar  NZD       2.5268 Phillipines peso    PHP       59.66 Singapore dollar    SGD       1.9346 Thai baht           THB       44.811  #REF! South African rand  ZAR       13.1411     The reference rates are based on the regular daily procedure between central banks within and outside the European System of Central Banks, which normally takes place at 1415 CET (1215 GMT)  

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January 30, 2009 08:39 ET (13:39 GMT)

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