GBP/CHF in honor of Andy Murray reaching the Wimbledon final

By: Adam Button

Andy Murray is the first Brit to make Winbledon final since the 1930s. He will play Swiss star Roger Federer on Sunday. GBP/CHF is a virtual a mirror of EUR/GBP but let's take a look. The weekly chart shows GBP/CHF breaking to the highest since 2011 today. So long as the EUR/CHF peg holds, and I believe it will, the pair doesn't face any significant resistance until 1.58, which is the convergence of the 200-day moving average and the 2011 high. Murray will surely be trounced by Roger Federer on Sunday but it's still a great win for the UK ahead of the Olympics. Now, if only Jenson  Button could win the British Grand Prix on Sunday.