Eurogroup Juncker: Portugal, Ireland not to enjoy equal treatment as Greece on loans (Barcelona) - Eurogroup head Jean-Claude Juncker crossed the wires later on the American session, telling reporters today's EU finmin meeting had been looking at different options to adjust the recently approved Greek bailout program, and confirming that the next meeting will be on December 13, time when a formal approval of the aid to Greece is expected.

With regards to Portugal, Jucker said the country remains broadly on track. Portugal is to receive the next EUR 2.5 bln in aid on January. Amid the speculation of treating Portugal or Ireland equal to Greece, Juncker said there has been no discussion to ease bailout terms, and he does not see them being given the same conditions on current loans as with Greece. Meanwhile, referring to Spain, he told the media banks are expected to get aid amounting EUR 39.5 bln next week.