As BoJ policy stands, nothing changes - FT (Barcelona) - The Financial Times is out with a critic article about the present 'state of affairs' at the helm of the BoJ. In view of James Mackintosh, Investment Editor of the Financial Times. Below, readers can find the highlights of the article:

- "Nothing will change until next year – and then the BoJ plans to do less, not more. Asset purchases next year will run at Y800bn ($9bn) a month after netting off maturing bills, against Nomura’s estimate of Y3tn a month this year. The BoJ expects zero 2015 net purchases. No mention of overseas buying to weaken the yen, either. This is not QE∞."

- "The question for investors is whether the next BoJ governor, due in April, will do more to boost inflation and weaken the yen. If he acts, perhaps he could truly usher in a new era."

- "Tuesday’s softly-softly approach shows the BoJ lacks commitment to its 2 per cent target, given its forecasts for inflation two years ahead remain below 1 per cent (before tax rises). To act, the next governor will still have to fight the hawks at the bank."