Forex Flash: US QE supporters get vocal; USD to be under pressure? - NAB (Barcelona) - FOMC members have been very vocal in recent days, says NAB Strategists regarding, who highlight the Fed's intentions to resume more QE if and when needed.

"The doves are relatively sure that it will be. Mr Bernanke, overnight, noted that they will use all their policy tools to ensure the housing market recovers. We get Plosser (hawk, non-voter), Dudley (dove, voter) and Lockhart (dove, voter 2012) speaking in the next 24 hours which is likely to bring more comments on their willingness to further expand their balance sheet" NAB notes.

Data in the US was mixed on Thursday, although NAB attributes that partly to Hurricane Sandy. The bank believes that this fact adds to the QE comments and is likely to keep the USD under a little pressure."