FXstreet.com's Forex Best Awards 2012

FXstreet.com announces the second edition of the Forex Best Awards which highlights the best content and experts of the Forex English-speaking market in 2011.

The nominees have been selected by the FXstreet.com content team for their quality and popularity on the website. Eleven categories and a total of over 35 pieces of content and almost 60 different contributors are included in the nominees list. The best of each category will be elected by FXstreet.com's visitors.

The survey will be available on every page of FXstreet.com website (https://www.fxstreet.com). Votes will be open from February 20th, 2012 and closed on March 2nd. Voters can choose only one nominee by category and can decide to skip some categories if they wish. Results will be announced and published on March 5th.

The nominees list is as follows:

  1. Best Fundamental Analysis

  2. Best Technical Analysis

  3. Best Banking Research Team

  4. Best Broker Research Team

  5. Best Educational Content

  6. Best Educator

  7. Best Webinar

  8. Best New Book

  9. Best Magazine

  10. Best New Contributor

  11. Most Helpful Forexstreet.net Fellow