Forex: GBP/USD plunges over 100 pips on BoE (Barcelona) - The GBP/USD has collapsed during European trading Wednesday, as the BoE has caused the pair to fold like origami, dropping over 100 pips in recent minutes off of the 1.5655 mark. At the time of writing the pair is in escape velocity, trading at 1.5548/51.

According to the analyst team, “The USD/JPY is now stable above Linear “A slight improvement on hourly studies is insufficient for a stronger recovery of the GBP/USD for now, as the 4h structure remains strictly negative, along with overall bearish picture that describes the latest rally as corrective and preceding fresh weakness.” warns Slobodan Drvenica, an analyst at Windsor Brokers Ltd.

At the time of writing, the cross is recording a massive decline of -0.76% Wednesday and the analyst team points to support at 1.5525 (previous supports or 1.5600 and 1.5580 were broken).