Forex: Aussie heaviness as worrying as Aus full-time jobs lost (Barcelona) - The Aussie has reverted its initial gains after the Australian jobs report raised more questions than answers, with the employment change up 10.4K in Jan, although the improvement was due to part-time jobs mainly.

Full-time jobs, however, were down by 10K, indicating employers are less willing to commit on long term hiring, either due to activity slowdown, or lower confidence about the Australian economic outlook going forward.

One sign that the labour market is showing some worrisome declines was numbers gathered for the area of Victoria, which lost over 30,000 jobs, althoug the fall was somehow disguised by Queensland area, which gained 30,000 jobs.

The Australian Dollar price activity post labour data is as worrisome as the full-time jobs lost, with the rise towards contention zone 1.0330 counter-attacked with efficacy by committed sellers, successfully taking the spot rate AUD/USD down to 1.03, where a royal battle between longs and shorts remains underway.

"Stops now reported below 1.0290" says Sean Lee, founder at FXWW.

From any timeframe, the first thought that comes to one's mind is that the Aussie continues very heavy, unable to orchestrate any meaningful rebound, even if 1.03 may be see as a value area for bargain hunters, especially after the futures rate market just cut back down its RBA March cut expectations to around 45% vs 50% prior to the employment release.