Forex Flash: BoJ easing to continue for a long time - Commerzbank (Barcelona) - The market was disappointed on the BoJ's policy announcement despite the further JPY 11 trillion in asset purchases, while at the same time initiating a new lending programme for banks. The unsustainable USD/JPY prices around or above 80 were quickly lost in yesterday's Asian session, but weakness did not continue intraday. “From my point of view this offers the possibility of a further attempt on the 80 mark as soon as the market begins to focus on further BoJ measures over the coming months, as the central bank announced in yesterday’s statement that the expansionary measures would be continued until the short term inflation target of 1% was reached”, wrote Commerzbank analyst Lutz Karpowitz, not expecting such target to be reached any time soon, taking recent inflation rates of -0.4% (August) and -0.7% (September, Tokyo area).