Forex: Asia-Pacific's risk appetite improves following better HSBC PMI China (Barcelona) - Following the best HSBC manufacturing PMI China of last 23 months, markets in Tokyo started to show a better risk-on appetite bias, sending Yen lower and Nikkei into the positive, last at USD/JPY session highs 88.85, and Nikkei +0.36% at lunch break time, above the 10,500 points mark.

Later on, followed USD weakness with EUR/USD printing fresh session highs at 1.3324, last at 1.3321, and AUD/USD also coming back higher,last at 1.0543. In a day where volatility is again slowing down, a move of some +0.20% increase seems like a lot, when in percentage terms is not that much, compared with the -10% Apple shares have gone down after releasing results in after hours NY trading. According to Bloomberg, the company has lost around $54B in market cap.

Currently USD/JPY keeps moving higher, last at 88.94, with gold and oil also off recent session lows. US SP500 futures have also pullbacked part of the losses followed Apple shares debacle, while most local share markets are also showing gains.