Alpari Group unveils innovative chart pattern service from Autochartist™

Online foreign-exchange trading provider, Alpari (UK) is now offering traders real time chart-pattern recognition from Autochartist™, one of the leading sources of software for the forecasting of financial market trade data.

Alpari Group clients worldwide now have access to Autochartist’s powerful chart-pattern-recognition software at no extra cost. This service is intended to assist traders identify complete and emerging market patterns and trends using ground-breaking technology. The Autochartist software eliminates the time-consuming task of having to scrutinise the markets by automatically providing chart pattern alerts in real time.

Autochartist indicates the general direction of price movement and past trends. Along with straightforward instruction and educational material, Autochartist features 16 different popular trending and non-trending patterns, including formations such as triangles, rectangles, wedges, head and shoulders, pennants, flags, tops and bottoms and channels. It is a powerful resource that can help clients optimise their trading strategy.

“Autochartist is our latest addition to the Alpari Group’s already comprehensive portfolio of analytical tools. It is designed to provide our clients with a more visual overview of market trends to allow them to make informed and considered trading decisions,” said Andrey Vedikhin, CEO Alpari (UK) and co-founder of the Alpari Group. Alpari (UK) is offering the Autochartist software to all customers with a live account, at no extra cost.

For Autochartist the partnership represents further penetration of the global market, notably the international customer base of Alpari Group companies in the UK, Russia and the US. “Autochartist is proud to be associated with an expansive, respected Forex company like the Alpari Group,” said Erik Voges, COO of Autochartist.”

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