BoJ adopts 2% inflation target; open-ended easing (Barcelona) - The BoJ has shifted its monetary policy to adopt a new strategy based on open-ended bond buying, a strategy which somehow emulates the one that the Fed is using.

BOJ has also committed to stick with a 2% inflation target, which will aim to achieve it as soon as possible (Yen bearish). 2013 real GDP growth is projected at 2.3% vs 1.6% in October. The communique complements the $116bn fiscal stimulus plan to support growth in the country.

The open-ended program that the BoJ expects to conduct will provide Yen bears and the private sector a higher degree of assurance over the continuation of monetary easing in the near-term.

BOJ will be buying 2 trillion Yen in JGBs monthly starting January 2014; The vote to reach such decision stood at 7-2.