Japan press – “Upper House poll trumps G-20 critique in Abe’s mind”

By: Eamonn Sheridan

We've been saying this for a while now - Shinzo Abe has big plans for constitutional reform in Japan, for which he desperately wants to win control of the Upper House at the election in July. Boosting the Japanese economy is not an end in itself for Abe, but is an important goal to help his popularity and standing. Check out this article in the Japan Times today: Abe is seen continuing to push policies likely to significantly impact foreign exchange and stock markets, given the need to maintain his Cabinet’s approval ratings in the runup to this year’s House of Councilors poll so that his Liberal Democratic Party can seize a majority, analysts said. Upper House poll trumps G-20 critique in Abe’s mind G-20 pressure unlikely to alter monetary policy before summer election