FT Article: The yen will not be a one-way bet in 2013

By: Eamonn Sheridan

For those with access to the Financial Times, there's an article with a number of views from different analysts. Just some background information. underwhelming reaction to this week’s Bank of Japan policy announcement. Possibility that Japan’s currency tactics spark a currency war, so forcing politicians in Japan to back down on their weak-yen demands We don’t think the yen will fall quite that far (100), but the near-term risks are skewed towards weakness, assuming global sentiment continues to improve and the market focus moves on to speculation about real change at the BoJ under a new governor, over the longer term the yen will probably fall a lot further Should this recent phase of improved risk appetite suddenly reverse, then the safe haven qualities of the yen may come to the fore. The yen will not be a one-way bet in 2013