Berlusconi refills his possibilities and has 31.9% votes to Senate according to projections (San Francisco) - Not too fast says Italian voters after the first exits polls that showed Pier Luigi Bersani's center-left coalition winning the day. Now with the first projections and another polls, it seems that former Prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has taken the lead with 32% of votes to senate against the 28.7% for Bersani.

Nevertheless, the last word will be on the Beppe Grillo who is taking the 25% of voters. Grillo plus Bersani possible coalition has around 53% of the Senate, enough majority to govern.

The market has reacted ferociously to the news. With the Berlusconi adveniment, stocks in Europe and US has fallen quickly and has eased its previous gains. Italian 10-year bonds yields have risen to 4.37%, but still down from Friday's close.

Official and full results will be published at 23:00 GMT