Forex: GBP/AUD breaking down to fresh 5-month lows (Barcelona) - GBP/AUD has recently broke below December's support last printing fresh 5-month lows at 1.5133, down -1.22% for the week so far, on the back mainly on Pound weakness, but also Aussie strength as of late. AUD is second strongest major currency for last 2 trading days below Yen, which has been the strongest, while Pound is the second weakest one, being Swiss Franc the weakest.

With key risk event for the Asia-Pacific session today in the form of Australia jobs figures and unemployment rate at 00:30 GMT, the numbers will be crucial for further development of the Aussie, and the GBP/AUD with it. According to Westpac, the cross is “eyeing the 1.4925-1.5050” price zone, mostly due to more AUD strengthening.

Immediate support tot eh downside for GBP/AUD lies at recent fresh 5-month and session lows 1.5123, followed by July 05 lows at 1.5065, and July 20 lows at 1.5024. To the upside, nearest term resistance shows at Jan 10 lows 1.5150, followed by Nov 14 lows at 1.5177, and Sept 14/Dec 07 lows at 1.5260.