Merkel expresses 'full trust' in Spanish government (Barcelona) - Spanish President Mariano Rajoy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a joint press conference on Monday in Berlin, during which the Chancellor assured she had not lost confidence in the governing People’s Party, which currently faces corruption allegations.

“We have a relation of full trust in the Spanish government... I have the impression that the whole Spanish government is working to drive down unemployment, to push through structural reforms,” the Chancellor said.

Mariano Rajoy assured that his government is stable and that the People’s Party might take legal action against those who leaked documents which allegedly prove that the party received undeclared money.

Later the Spanish president went on to describe the reforms already implemented in order to halt the debt crisis and said that new measures, aimed at boosting growth, will be announced shortly. Angela Merkel expressed confidence that the reforms will soon “bear fruit” and promised cooperation on bringing down youth unemployment in Spain by facilitating internships and apprenticeships in Germany for young Spaniards.