BoJ 2% inflation plans to produce positive results in 6-12 months - Hamada (Barcelona) - In an Kyodo article over the weekend, Koichi Hamada, close economic adviser to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, has stated that, if the BoJ continues to expand its powerful easing policies, the 2% inflation goal should start to produce positive results in the next 6 t 12 months.

Furthermore, following Abe's posture to revise the BOJ law in order for the government to play a greater role on setting monetary goals, Hamada appeared kind to the idea. The economic adviser aims at limiting the central bank's power to fiscal policies.

From the Japanese Times: “If it continues to implement policies that do not disappoint the public’s expectations, it will yield some results in six months to a year,” said Hamada, adding it is not very difficult for the BOJ to achieve the target.