Forex Flash: Monetary easing as a two edged sword – Merrill Lynch (Barcelona) - Merrill Lynch analysts say that market reaction to both the Fed and BoJ easing plans suggests that unconventional policies can still generate strong tailwinds to risk assets. “Financial conditions have improved notably in recent months. However, the relief offered by powerful monetary easing goes hand in hand with the concern that G-4 central banks are becoming the proverbial bull in the China shop”, wrote analyst Gustavo Reis, reminding that there is a chance that global growth picks up faster than policymakers expect, and quoting Bank of Korea Governor Choogsoo Kim, that alerted “If advanced economies show stirrings of recovery, then central banks will have to cope with the possibility of global inflation as feared in some quarters”. Also, the process of reversing the monetary policy to absorb the liquidity unleashed through QE could also act as a shock to the international capital markets.