UK jobs data a key event today

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The UK jobs data will be out today at 9:30 AM GMT, and could help Market watchers get a better idea of whether or not British consumers can keep calm and carry on when the latest batch of employment figures are released. Traders are likely to pay attention to the average earnings index to see if wage growth can keep spending supported. This index is expected to advance from 2.3% to 2.4% for the three-month period ending in March, and a higher than expected rise could provide some assurance. Meanwhile, the claimant count change or the difference in the number of Brits claiming unemployment benefits from one month to the next is expected to show a 5.0K increase. This would mean another increase in unemployment, but at a slower pace compared to the earlier 25.5K rise. Euro-Zone Consumer Price Index will be out later at 9 AM. Japanese Yen could get some action during the next day’s Asian session, as Japan’s GDP is released at 11:50 PM GMT. Thanks for watching, invest responsibly and I wish you the best of luck making pips by trading forex.