Macron vs Le Pen: How to trade the French elections with Joseph Trevisani and Yann Quelenn

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The polls were very accurate this time and as expected, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will dispute the presidency of France. What is the most likely outcome of the election and how it would affect the Forex market and the future of the European Union?

As the heart of Europe and the eurozone, France has been holding the essence of the European dream, but what has happened now that around 40% of the electorate are against the project for a federal Europe?

Marine Le Pen or Emmanuel Macron? Macron or Le Pen? Who will win the favor of the people of France.

Be ready for any outcome with Joseph Trevisani, Yann Quelenn and Ross Burland.

The panelist: 

Joseph Trevisani, Chief Market Strategist at WorldWideMarkets

Yann Quelenn, Market Analyst at Swissquote Bank


Ross Burland, FXStreet Editor and Analyst, social activist and CEO of