How to trade France elections with Joseph Trevisani, Martin Armstrong, and Ashraf Laidi

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After the tumultuous 2016, there is the 2017 with more big news and volatile trading. The next key event is the Presidential elections in France that will hold its first round on Sunday, April 23rd, 2017.

As the heart of Europe and the eurozone, France has been holding the essence of the European dream, but what has happened now that around 40% of the electorate are against the project for a federal Europe?

François Fillon, Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron, Benoît Hamon or Jean Luc Mélenchon… who is going to win? and how it will affect the markets?

According to Joseph Trevisani, “The European Union and the euro will not survive a rejection by France,” but what are the options for the forex trader? Will the euro collapse after the first round of the election? In this case, what is the line in the sand for a decline? Join us in the discussion for one of the most important moments in the European history since the second world war.

The speakers: 

Martin Armstrong, Founder & Chairman Armstrong Economics

Ashraf Laidi, Author, independent strategist, and founder of

Joseph Trevisani, Chief Market Strategist at WorldWideMarkets


Ross Burland, FXStreet Editor and Analyst, social activist and CEO of

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