Pivot points and swing trading

FXStreet DVD Series - Pivot Points and Swing Trading / 2nd Edition


2nd Edition - This 2-part DVD series has the sole focus of empowering you to day trade with simple high-probability strategies. Using 10 years of proprietary quantitative data on pivot points, we begin by giving you the quantitative data on pivot points which we then mold into a system for trading breakouts of key consolidation phases.

The data on the pivot points alone is highly informative as it will tell you where the market is likely to breakout of in relationship to pivots, and where high probability reversals are most likely.

Content of DVD 1

The first DVD is designed to introduce you to pivot points and how price action relates to them from a statistical basis. The 'black holes' concept is also useful for defining your intraday targets in relationship to pivot points and the data, along with understanding where to place your entries.

Then we share an intraday breakout system after key consolidations in the market giving you precise entries, exits, and limits.

We end the DVD with a critical lesson on trader psychology called, 'Is your passion equal to the task' and how you can develop the key characteristics of all professional traders, improve your discipline and advance in your trading process.

  • Introduction
  • Pivot Points (History, key and the 80% rule)
  • Quantitative Pivot Points and Black Holes
  • Strategy: Inside Pivot Breakouts
  • Is Your Passion Equal to the Task?

Content of DVD 2

In the second DVD, we focus specifically on swing trading, particularly catching intraday momentum/trending moves. This is all done via our 'Shadow System' which is specifically designed to do that.

You will learn two variations of the shadow system to help you catch these key swings. The shadow system has been one of my oldest and most robust systems to date and continues to be profitable year after year so this system will be highly useful for catching both short and longer targets on swings if they go for long runners.

  • Strategy: Shadow Swing Trading
  • Strategy: Shadow Swing Trading (The Evil Twin)
  • Live Trade Shadow System Trading
  • Closing (Key points)
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Chris Capre started trading the markets in 2002 and by 2004, went to Wall Street where he was hired by FXCM. By 2006, he was working for the JNF Hedge Fund where he was the only trader for the fund not trained internally. By 2007, he opened 2ndSkiesForex to offer his unique combination of Institutional and Retail market experience helping traders like yourself become profitable.