naked forex

FXStreet DVD Series - Naked Forex: Indicator-Free Trading Systems


Once you go naked, you may never go back. This 2-DVD set is ideal for the trader who is tired of switching indicators and trading systems.

You will learn how “naked trading” - trading without technical indicators, will help you to avoid the common problems that plague many traders. You will learn how to identify high probability trading opportunities on your charts. You will learn how to jump on and ride strong trends in any market. You will learn how to identify key turning points in the market so that you can profit from reversals. Finally, and most importantly, you will learn how to build confidence with these trading systems before you risk any money.

In addition to the trading systems, you will learn how to change your thinking so that consistent trading success can come more easily for you. All of these techniques are extremely simple, exceptionally powerful, and you can start using them today!

Content of DVD 1

  • Introduction
  • Finding Support/Resistance Zones
  • Trendy Kangaroos
  • Testing Trendy Kangaroos
  • How to know if a Trendy Kangaroo a Big Winner

Content of DVD 2

  • The Moolah Trade and Wammie Trade
  • Philosophy Behind Moolahs and Wammies
  • Finding Moolahs and Wammies
  • Testing Moolahs and Wammies
  • Trading Psychology - Becoming a Better Trader
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Dr. Peters is author of the book "Naked Forex" (Wiley) and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal. Walter holds a PhD in Experimental Psychology and enjoys trading very simple, "indicator-free" trading systems. Walter is the chief trader at the DTS Fund, a private investment group. When he is not trading, Walter enjoys spending time in the ocean and talking about trading