The Forex establishment

While collecting data about the Forex market, it is important to know who the major players are. Who originally designed Forex, who are the major participants, who makes decisions that have a significant impact on the Forex market? This and more will be explored in “The Forex Establishment.” First, let’s examine what is an establishment.

What is an establishment?

Established interests, powers, businesses, individuals, and organizations, develop a territory in their own field. This is done by creating a paradigm; their own set of rules, objectives, and culture; associated with their field. ‘The Establishment’ originally was coined by British Journalist Henry Fairlie, in 1955:

"By the 'Establishment', I do not only mean the centres of official power—though they are certainly part of it—but rather the whole matrix of official and social relations within which power is exercised. The exercise of power in Britain (more specifically, in England) cannot be understood unless it is recognised that it is exercised socially."

The Forex Establishment is the Forex equivalent of those who control the Forex market by design, necessity, or other function. While modern Forex originated by the floating of the Dollar and the breakdown of the Breton Woods agreement, it has grown into something new. Those who were initially impacted by the floating of the US Dollar reacted to it in various ways. Some reacted by implementing advanced trading techniques such as hedging to combat a volatile currency environment. Others simply changed the way they did business. 

Table of contents

  • What types of players move the Forex market?
  • Banks
  • Central Banks
  • Governments
  • Corporations
  • Organizations (such as the IMF)
  • Hedge Funds
  • Forex Brokers
  • Who are the significant players, in each category?
  • Industry Statistics: Global Fund Management Industry
  • The new technology establishment
  • Who wants to support the US Dollar?
  • Alpha by money creation
  • Necessary data

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