Successful Trading Equates to Effective Energy Management

Nothing in the known universe exists without a quotient of energy. Energy is the foundation of everything, even the dark matter or antimatter that makes up the blackness of space. Now, trading may not reach the impact on planetary life that physics does but its impact is appreciable. The point here is that your energy is highly relevant to your ability to remain on purpose, on task and on top of what is necessary to plan the trade, trade the plan, follow the rules and keep the commitments associated with your desired results.

The obvious notion here is that if you are feeling emotionally erratic, for instance, fearful, anxious, doubtful, worried or angry, then your energy is going to be compromised and your focus will become diffuse, distracted and disrupted. But, less than obvious is understanding that thoughts are things and, therefore, are energy as well. So, if your thoughts are limiting, irrational or negative, then your emotions, which are determined by those thoughts, are working against those same desired results. In a very real sense, it all begins with the effective management of your energy. But, how is the foundational energy managed in such a way as to fundamentally shift your state of mind from being frustrated, frazzled and fragmented to being centered, grounded and focused on what matters most?

For our purposes as traders, let’s consider that energy can be said to be expressed in derivatives of light frequencies. Just as all chemicals have a signature frequency, and matter, when exposed to intense heat will change in form and express as fire, steam or molten lava (each its own frequency), for example, so too our bodies are a mass of frequencies or biorhythms that are highly sensitive to fluctuations in the biosphere like sounds, optics or tactile stimulations. (Apologies to those professionals who will no doubt cringe at these over-simplifications.) The point is that these energy forms can be manipulated to manage the body’s internal energy fields to support alignment of thoughts, emotions and behavior through brain coherency, clarity and cohesion so that your efforts are all in the same direction and for the same goals.

I’ll briefly discuss a tool that is an excellent illustration of energy management.

There are many exercises that can be used to shift from being misaligned, disjointed and prone to rule violations such as moving stops, chasing trades and premature exiting, but few are as powerful as mindfulness. Mindfulness has been shown in hundreds of studies to improve integration and differentiation of the brain leading to alignment in body, mind and emotions to maintain your internal trading compass on true north with sights set on attaining the A-Game and reaching the destination of becoming consistently successful. This is possible in part because when you uncouple from thoughts by simply focusing on the breath, you hit the metaphorical reset switch providing the stillness that the brain needs to link its various parts so that it is working like the fine-tuned organic machine that it is.

When you provide this opportunity to your brain through the creation of consistency, over time you begin to develop the capacity for the coherency and clarity discussed in the above. At that point, besides the myriad positive bodily effects like lowered stress, reduced inflammation, improved immune responses and generally better health, you also develop a deep appreciation for being in the Now. This means that you are fully present and fully available for trade plan processing and effective execution. Additionally, your awareness and consciousness rise and the base frequency of your system elevates as well, causing the positive energy of congruency brought about by the linking and coordination of the many parts of the brain/mind to optimize its resources. When this brain/mind optimization happens, you become stronger and more prone to choices that are in the service of your highest and best trader, trading in the interests of your highest and best goals.

Hopefully, you have been given a glimpse into the awesome influence of arguably the most powerful organ in the known universe, your brain, and how it can be used to effectively manage the energy of the trader that you aspire to be. The trader that, through its vigilant and diligent use – you will be.

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