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In my 20+ years in the financial industry, one thing is crystal clear. Those who understand how to make financial decisions that are best for them, live the life they choose to live. Those who don’t know how to make proper financial decisions live a life with few choices, most choices are made for them. It’s been my goal to help bridge that gap and really help people live the life they choose through proper financial education.

To that end, Online Trading Academy built a website focused on teaching you what school didn’t about financial decisions so you can live life on your terms.

Introducing OTAcademy

OTAcademy is a new, free financial education website we developed for you. With over 200 pieces of financial education content and counting, the site covers all the key topics that touch your life in an effort to help you make the financial decisions that are best for you.

OTAcademy Subject Matter Includes:

  • Impactful Investing

  • Retirement Planning

  • Home Ownership

  • College Funding

  • Personal Finance

  • Social Security

  • Health and Medical

  • Credit Management

  • Asset Protection Insurance

  • Major Purchases

  • Personal Tax Strategies

  • And more…

It has always fascinated me that of all the major financial decisions we need to make in life, we are not taught in school. These important decisions determine our lifestyle. From grade school to college there is little financial education; no one ever teaches us how to do taxes, properly invest for income and growth, how to build or fix credit, how to buy a house, and so on… It is amazing that we are never taught any of this in our developmental years when this education is almost more important than any other. Our new financial education website, www.otacademy.com teaches you how to make decisions on all these topics that are truly best for you, not Wall Street, nor the person giving you advice, nor selling you something.

I would love your feedback on the site, and if you would like to contribute content please email me and let me know. Also, if you have a financial challenge you don’t know how to solve, let us know that also and we will build content on that issue. There is no challenge we can’t solve for. The only barrier to your financial freedom is the one you create in your head. Enjoy the website and start living life on your terms.

Have a great day.

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