Each day in every currency pair on the planet, prices are dynamic therefore support/resistance lines are fluid, daily pip ranges are fluid, targets are fluid, trade able levels are fluid, reverse points and targets are fluid, bottoms and tops are fluid. Why? Because ranges are fixed. Yesterday's EUR/USD bottom was 1.1291, today the bottom is 1.1328, + 37 pips higher. To reiterate, tops and bottoms, range breaks, trade able levels, targets and reversals. The model not only captures it all but each category shares a vital role in daily prices in any currency pair.

But in each currency pair the design, triggers, movements are never the same as each currency pair on the planet is unique in its design therefore triggers, targets, ranges, et al are quite different. Its why the one size fits all scenario and many math models must treat with caution. But it depends what one wants from their currency trades, holding periods etc. I like exact and designed the model for the purpose to be exact. For me its about numbers, never a chart. Again, its preference.

Today's vital break points above, 1.1648, 1.1551, 1.1472, 1.1411, 1.1395. What is 1.1648, its the 3 month forward line. Today's vital break points below 1.1334, 1.1288, 1.1273, 1.1245, 1.1216, 1.1169.

Pip ranges today maximum 94 pips, lowest 20 pips.

Today's EUR/USD Bottom 1.1328. Range break points above 1.1741, 1.1596, 1.1438. Range breaks below 1.1334, 1.1331, ( clustered), 1.1179, 1.1041.

Today's target price above 1.1475 then a Failure price sinc today's target price is high. Failure price 1.1416. If target met at 1.1475, reverse sell to target 1.1433. If targets met at 1.1416, sell reverse to 1.1401.

Then Trade Able points today above, 1.1391, 1.1394 ( Cluster), 1.1401, 1.1416, 1.1423, 1.1434, 1.1445, 1.1452, 1.1460, 1.1475 Target.

Then shorts below 1.1384, Target 1.1356, 1.1342 and Bottom 1.1328. Trade Able points below, 1.1376, 1.1372, 1.1364, 1.1361, 1.1357, 1.1343,1.1328 Bottom. Price must cross 1.1356 to head long again. The target begins at 1.1372.

Where today's EUR/USD trades from on upper ranges is 1.2358 and 1.1216 below. Both are the big vital breaks on a long and short basis.

The Statistical Price Path.


Trading currencies and other financial instruments carries a degree of loss and possible loss of entire investments. Please managed your own risks, stop loss, and margins requirements.

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