EURUSD Declines on Low Volume [Video]

Euro/Dollar has been trending South and a slight loss was posted at noon. Trading has been passive, volume is extremely low and neutral sentiment of the trades is 9% short. Gradual decline has provided chances for bears, but the passive trading is the limiting factor. Pound/Dollar dropped below the 1 30 level, but a slight bounce back wiped out some of the loss. The Cable sees 37% less than typical funds and neutral sentiment of the trades is 13% long. A sharp decline has provided solid profit opportunities for those who were short. Dollar/Yen has been moving slowly lower and a loss of point 11% was recorded at midday. This pair sees just half of the monthly average funds and neutral sentiment is close to an even balance. Gradual decline provided some chances for bearish traders. Pound/Yen has been on a slide, measuring at more than 100 pips. Traded volume is low and most of the funds were in long positions. Sharp decline has brought serious risks, but the calm trading approach should be the cushion. Euro/Yen moved sharply down and a loss of point 23% was posted at 12 o’clock. Traded volume is extremely low and sentiment is bullish, 25% long. There have been plenty of risks as the rate declined, but trading has been passive, so losses shouldn't be significant.


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