DAX 30 UKX FTSE 100 CAC 40 FTSE MIB Elliott Wave 15 March 2019 [Video]

NIFTY 50, ASX200, COPPER, IRON ORE, BHP and RIO Technical Analysis Elliott Wave and Trading Levels.

ASX200 Elliott Wave The move down from the top is in three waves, so it's bullish corrective, that said a larger correction can unfold, this correction would be part of the Flat family of corrections.
ASX200 TradingLevels: 6200 (61.80 as Price Ratio) as support or resistance will confirm the direction
ASX200 Trading Strategy: Long above 6223 and short with 6172 as the retested resistance.

Elliott Wave: Wave v)
TradingLevels: Waiting to confirm tested support on top of Minor Group 1 11,300 (MG1|11,300)
Trading Strategy: Long again when 11,372 becomes the retested resistance with Stop at 11,324.
Current Trailing stop is 11,276 with open target near the TradingLevels Medium Level (ML15|11,500) 11,500


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