EUR/NZD as written November 3 to long term targets, EUR/NZD traded to 1.6081 lows and here's the commentary: Long term targets assumes the 10 year breaks higher to target 1.6490, 1.6522, 1.6555 then 1.6697. EUR/NZD broke 1.6419 and traded to highs at 1.6559.

Longs from 1.6081 lows runs + 478 pips. Trade duration was 3 weeks.

GBP/NZD from November 3 commentary and lows at 1.8900;s: GBP/NZD higher must again break 1.9137 to target 1.9262, 1.9279 and 1.9397. Further GBP/NZD runs into a brick wall at 1.9412, 1.9467 and 1.9488.

GBP/NZD traded to 1.9547 highs. We can only take credit for November 3 targets at 1.9397 and +400ish pips.

Don't lose sight to posts, trades and targets.

GBP/AUD remained a constant throughout November as GBP/AUD hit the 1.8400's vital break then traded to first 1.8500's then today at 1.8600's.


The Weekly trade went off track by 95 pips to entry and the 2nd week to a free money, market bonus as 1 lot added from 115.51 now trades 113.65 lows and again the target remains 113.35. The first lot +186 pips and 2nd lot runs +92 pips for a grand total of +278 pips. The target at 113.35 is within 30 pips.

USD/JPY was a 5 day trade amd only requirement was a few clicks then go live life and pay no attention to screen watching or market blabber.

A trade begins at entry and ends at target and due to this situation, no stops, screen watching and nothing to do except clicks then watch the money pile high quickly.

What changed in the last 10 years was sophistication of trades as we trade up and down continuously from target to target. And done effortlessly as seen over years.

GBP/JPY and JPY cross pairs

GBP/JPY from 156.00's November 3 traded to 151.11 lows or 500 pips. Target finally achieved.

As written and written, JPY cross pairs contain miles of downside. Miles of downside traded and miles more to go.

AUD/JPY achieved target at 81.33 from 85.00 highs. NZD/JPY achieved 77.00 lows to 76.00 target. CAD/JPY achieved 89.03 lows from 91.00 and 92.00 highs on a target at 88.36. CAD/JPY is close.


AUD/USD target from 0.7309 is located at 0.6900 exactly and above big break for higher is located at 0.7285 or typical 300 pips range.


Broke 0.6846 to trade to 0.6804 lows. As writen 3 days ago, next lines exist at 0.6779 and 0.6744.

DXY despite a typical dead issue trade, highs achieved 96.95 to 96.30 lows and dropped from reported massive lines from 97.00's and 98.00's.

The list of targets as posted prior at fxstreet and my blog are endless. Trades are delivered as day trades, 24 hour trades, weekly trades and long term target trades. Take your pick.

Ask this question while waiting for targets. How was life spent outside markets. 

Trading currencies and other financial instruments carries a degree of loss and possible loss of entire investments. Please managed your own risks, stop loss, and margins requirements.

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Latest Forex Analysis

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