Chief Technical Strategist at CityIndex

Thu, Mar 19 2009 13:00 GMT
Type: Webinar
Duration: 1 h, 30 min
Moderator: Maud Gilson

James Chen will present Live Monthly Webinar in March!

During the first part, James will make you discover the power of the daily timeframe chart for position trading, swing trading, and shorter-term trading in the forex market. Find out how patterns, trends, indicators, and support/resistance on daily charts can potentially be more reliable than on shorter timeframe charts. Learn effective professional trading techniques and strategies that focus on the 24-hour daily chart as the primary timeframe of choice.

Part 1 is open to all users. The second part (Using the Principles of Confluence to Trade Forex Effectively) will start at 15:00 GMT and is only open to PREMIUM members. Info and register at

Recording of the webinar

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Recording of the webinar