Owner at Traders State of Mind

Thu, Jan 03 2013 17:00 GMT
Type: Webinar
Duration: 0 h, 45 min
Moderator: Vicky Ferrer

What blocks most traders from achieving success is that they don’t know how to manage their emotions when they are risking real capital in their trades. They know HOW to trade, but they have never learned how to develop the emotional and psychological skills that allow them to translate their knowledge into an effective trading mind trained for the rigors of live trading. Fortunately, this Emotional Intelligence can be learned.

Come to this workshop and learn about developing the mind that trades. You will learn how emotions hijack your trading mind and then sabotage your best efforts. And you will learn how to develop the skills that will allow you to trade from a calm, disciplined and impartial state of mind. These are simply emotional and psychological skills that successful traders have learned. You can also.