Amplify Trading

Proprietary trading company specialising in the development of new trading talent offering direct experience in financial markets.

The organisation has two complimentary areas of focus:

1- Training programmes

Join the company's proprietary trading on a full time basis. At Amplify Trading you have the option of three training programmes:

Career Programme:

  • 4 month full time programme
  • Learn to understand, analyse and trade real-time financial markets.
  • Progress onto the Live market where each trainee trades with a company funded account.
  • On-going support
  • Access to other traders

2- Strategy reports, briefings and virtual trading room

Access real time insight into the fundamental and technical factors currently driving asset valuations:

Technical reports: Received by over 60,000 traders as we are the key technical research provider for the squawk company Ran Squawk

Trading Room: Commentary and analysis throughout the day in our interactive virtual trading room using webcam and live screen sharing software.

Career Programme Remote Career Programme Technical reports Live Virtual Trading Room
£1,700.00 GBP/ month
(4 months)
£800.00 GBP/month
(2 months)
£127.50GBP/ month £255.500 GBP/ month
Training Programs and Products (Duration: Per one month)

1. Strategy Reports and Realtime Analysis

Three reports daily covering the European, US and FX markets covering major asset classes traded. Our strategy reports are used by traders worldwide to gain clarity and understanding of fundamental and technical factors influencing the market at any given time. Each day we produce three strategies covering European, US and FX markets. Please select the links below to see recent examples of our strategies.

European Strategy US US Strategy FX Strategy
Time Sent 08:00 GMT/BST 13:00 GMT/BST 08:00 GMT/BST
Market Eurostoxx 50 S&P 500 EUR/USD
Bund US Treasury Notes USD/JPY
Crude Oil USD/CHF

Prices: Report Package = FX, EU, US Strategy reports: £60/month

Commentary and analysis throughout the day in our interactive virtual trading room using webcam and live screen sharing software. Our traders receive real time market data and instant feedback on its significance for different asset classes from some of the most respected traders in the City. Market information and economic discussions are continually shared in our virtual trading room that consists of our best traders and independent professionals.

We encourage you to find out what it is all about and we welcome interested candidates to come to our trading floor or log into our live virtual trading room to see exactly why trading or training with Amplify will give a crucial insight into contemporary market dynamics.

Please log into our Virtual Trading Room using one of the links below:

Price:£127.50 GBP /month

Training Programs and Products (Duration: Per one month)

2. Virtual Live Trading Room

Morning and Afternoon briefings provided daily to our virtual trading room to prepare you fo the session ahead.

Each day our virtual trading room enjoys a morning and afternoon briefing from our head of trading, looking at both the technical and fundamental picture, as well as any expected upcoming events or announcements.

Training Programs and Products (Duration: Per one month)

Carrer Programme

At Amplify, the flagship programme takes new traders through intensive training for a minimum of four months. Traders who finish month four flat or positive on their live account are then fully funded by Amplify as full time proprietary traders. The structure of each trading session is modelled on how an Investment Banking Trading Desk analyses and trades the markets, using cutting edge professional trading systems. Training follows an intensive and structured timetable progressing traders onto the Live market where each trainee trades with a company funded account, receiving 60% of their trading profits. Commission rates are increased according to performance.

Traders on the career programme will be invited onto the trading floor at regular intervals to use their own trading desk next to the Head of Trading to gain a first-hand insight into how he reads market activity and executes trades in the live markets.

Products Traded:

  • Equities: EminiS&P, Dax, Eurostoxx
  • FX: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and all major currency pairs
  • Fixed Income: German 10 Year Government Bond (Bunds), US 10 Year Government Bond (TNotes)
  • Commodities: Crude Oil, Gold

There are two great options following the end of the course:

If you are flat or in profit on your Live trading account at the end of the programme Amplify Trading will continue to back you with their funds in the live markets increasing your size and market exposure. These trainees have now proved their potential and there will be no further training or desk fees as we continue to work together towards building a long term relationship ultimately where you trade across multiple asset classes on the trading floor in Canary Wharf.

Completing the programme means trainees have obtained industry recognised professional trading experience with Certificates for each module. Many of the graduates secure positions at Top-Tier Investment Banks using their front desk experience at Amplify Trading.

Programme Cost:£1,700.00 GBP per month for four months. After month four, Career Traders who are flat or positive in their live account are then supported by Amplify Trading as full time proprietary traders with all desk fees covered by the firm.

Career Programme - Start Dates 2013:
Opportunities available at the start of each month throughout 2013. Once a registration is confirmed all preparatory material and daily research emails can be sent in preparation for the start.

Training Programs and Products (Duration: Per one month)

Remote Career Programme:
The same structured approach held remotedly. £800.00 GBP

Training Programs and Products (Duration: Per one month)

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