MultiCharts is an award-winning trading platform widely used by CTAs, financial advisers and individual traders around the world. Whether you are a new trader or a professional, MultiCharts has features that may help you achieve your trading goals.

MCFX is a professional Forex trading platform featuring a built-in data feed with historical tick data since 2001 for 30 important currency pairs, high-definition Forex charts and automated Forex strategy trading. MCFX is a version of the flagship platform MultiCharts that has been adapted and streamlined for Forex trading.


  • Complete and Informative Charting
  • 20+ Data Feeds and 10+ Brokers
  • Dynamic Portfolio Backtesting
  • Easy Language Support
  • Interactive Performance Reporting
  • Genetic Strategy Optimization
  • Scan the Market
  • Replay Market Data
  • Hundreds of Strategies and Indicators

Sign for a 30-day free trial of the MultiCharts platform!

30-day free trial includes:

  • Fully enabled trading platform
  • Free EOD data from Google, Yahoo and MSN
  • Use of any supported data feed or broker
  • Live trading

Download a free demo of MCFX!

You can download a demo of the MCFX platform, which is streamlined for Forex trading. You can evaluate available functionality, interface and performance before subscribing to the paid version.

MCFX Demo is completely free, and you can use it for as long as you wish. It supports the fully functional PowerLanguage interface, which is identical to the one provided in MCFX Pro.

Editions licenses and fees

MultiCharts MCFX Basic MCFX Pro
Monthly License ---- 99 USD
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199 USD
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Quarterly License 297 USD
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---- ----
Semiannual License 497 USD
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---- ----
Annual License 797 USD
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997 USD Only available on FXStreet!
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1997 USD Only available on FXStreet!
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Lifetime License 1497 USD
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The software comes with high-definition charting, support for 20+ data feeds and 10+ brokers, dynamic portfolio-level strategy backtesting, EasyLanguage support, interactive performance reporting, genetic optimization, market scanner, data replay, and 300+ strategies and indicators.


MCFX is a professional Forex trading platform featuring a built-in data feed with historical tick data since 2001 for 30 important currency pairs, high-definition Forex charts and automated Forex strategy trading. Essentially, MCFX is a version of the flagship platform MultiCharts that has been adapted and streamlined for Forex trading.

MCFX Pro is a one-stop Forex trading platform—it combines data, charting and order execution capabilities. MCFX was built specifically for Forex strategy trading, so it can understand the industry-standard EasyLanguage. You can create your own custom strategies and indicators, use backtesting, optimize your strategies and automatically send orders to FXCM.

If you only need the data and charting, then MCFX Basic is the right choice for you.


Complete and Informative Charting

To make the right choice it is equally important to see the small details and the big picture. This charting is one of the best in the industry, giving you instant access to all of the information that you need. Multi time frame analysis, fast response time, complete interactivity with everything you see—all at your fingertips.

20 + Data Feeds and 10 + Brokers

We feel that you should have the freedom of choice, and that’s why we have added support for over 20 different data feeds and 10 brokers to MultiCharts. Competition is good, that’s why you can pick the providers that suit you best, and change them at any time. No strings attached.

Dynamic Portfolio Backtesting

Proper backtesting helps you determine if your strategies will make or lose money. Dynamic portfolio backtesting is capable of applying your strategy to many symbols on a bar-by-bar basis, determining which trade is the optimal one at any given time. It can be an invaluable tool during technical analysis and strategy development.

EasyLanguage Support

EasyLanguage has been in development for over 20 years, so it has one of the largest libraries of trading ideas already implemented. It is so useful to traders, it is considered the industry-standard programming language. In addition to hundreds of studies that come with MultiCharts, you can create your own, change existing ones or import any EL code that you can find.

Interactive Performance Reporting

It is very important to accurately see how you are doing. The performance report has more than 200 performance measures, including various metrics, ratios, and interactive performance charts. The report can also monitor real-time trading, since it recalculates on every new order that has been placed.

Genetic Strategy Optimization

Some traders find optimization very useful, because it saves a lot of time searching for optimal inputs for a particular strategy. Genetic optimization employs a complex algorithm that tests possible inputs in a way that mimics biological evolution. This approach is a lot faster than trying every possible combination, and it also helps avoid outliers and curve-fitting.

Scan the Market

When you are looking for opportunities, the Market Scanner can be an invaluable tool. You can instantly sort up to 5000 instruments to find ones that meet a certain criteria, apply indicators to alert yourself when a condition occurs, and open charts of the necessary symbols for a more detailed look.

Replay Market Data

Trading the markets is all about predicting where the price will go next. A good way to practice is to apply your price-predicting skills to historical data. Market Data Replay allows you start playback at any point in the past, speed up or slow down replay speed, and even playback several instruments at once.

Hundreds of Strategies and Indicators

We have collected the most popular indicators and strategies we could find, and included them in the platform for free, so you don’t have to look for them. All you need to do is right-click on the chart, and they are at your fingertips. Remember, you can always add more, or write your own in addition to existing ones.

The table below shows you the differences between MultiCharts and the two editions of forex-specific trading platforms, MCFX Basic and MCFX PRO.

multicharts, MCFX
MultiCharts MCFX Pro MCFX Basic
High-Definition Charting
Object-oriented User Interface Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Symbols & Timeframes in the Same Chart Yes Yes Yes
Extensive Selection of Chart Types & Intervals Yes Yes Yes
Symbol & Interval Linking Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Analytics
280 Pre-built Studies and Strategies Yes Yes Yes
EasyLanguage-Friendly Yes Yes
Ability to Create Custom Studies Yes Yes
Ability to Import EasyLanguage Indicators and Strategies Yes Yes
Intelligent Drawing Tools Yes Yes Yes
Custom Alerts Yes Yes
Study Templates Yes Yes Yes
Built-in Volume Profile Histogram Yes
Strategy Back-Testing
Ability to Create Strategies Yes Yes
Strategy Performance Report Yes Yes Yes
Strategy Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Optimization Report Yes Yes Yes
3D Optimization Chart Yes Yes
True Dynamic Portfolio-level Backtesting
Ability to test a portfolio of up to 100 instruments Yes
Automated Trading
Automated Trade Execution via Interactive Brokers Yes
Automated Trade Execution via MB Trading Yes
Automated Trade Execution via Open E Cry Yes
Automated Trade Execution via Patsystems Yes
Automated Trade Execution via Rithmic Yes
Automated Trade Execution via Trading Technologies Yes
Automated Trade Execution via Zen-Fire Yes
Automated Trade Execution via DukaScopy Yes
Automated Trade Execution via FXCM Yes Yes
Data Management
Built-in Forex Data Feed Yes Yes

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