Professional charting and trading platform with advanced state-of-the-art charts and integrated order management. Includes numerous studies and charting tools currently supporting over 80 different components.Organize and separate your broker accounts into workspaces and manage all your orders from the console.

The Platform Includes:

  • Over 20 Mouse tools to manipulate charts and create components.
  • Over 50 studies and overlays.
  • Real Time News Feed
  • Analysis file management to explore different scenarios.
  • Compact charts to maximize screen space.
  • Visualize your trade history on a chart.
  • Manage all your orders from one console.
  • Streamline your order entry and adjust presets for istrument types.
  • Use separate workspaces with its own local database.
  • Configure themes to suit your style.
  • Integrate the broker of your choice.

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Our 14-Day Free Trial allows you to test out the Ultimate Edition with full access to all of MotiveWave's features. After the Trial expires, if you decide not to purchase any of our packages, your license will be downgraded to the free unlimited use of our Standard Edition.

Standard Edition Trade Edition Professional Edition Ultimate Edition
FREE Own for $149 Own for $995
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Charting and Analysis

MotiveWave uses a component-based architecture that allows you to drag and drop analysis components onto a live chart. Currently supporting over 80 different components, MotiveWave enables you to do many different forms of analysis:

  • General Analysis - Classical analysis: trend lines, channels, regression, cycles, forks, more...
  • Advanced Commentary - Formatted text, callouts, annotations, notes, arrows, markers and more.
  • Fibonacci - Enough for even the most advanced Fibonacci enthusiast.
  • Elliott Wave - Complete support for Elliott Wave Theory.
  • Gann - Easy to use set of Gann components.


With over 20 different Mouse Tools, manipulating charts and creating components is quick and convenient.


With over 50 of the most popular studies and overlays, MotiveWave is sure to have what you are looking for. Additional studies are continually being added to the software. If you don't see what you need, feel free to submit a request.

  • Overlays - Overlay many popular studies on the price graph
  • Study Graphs - Plot studies in a separate resizeable graph.
  • Plot Multiple Instruments - Display and track multiple instruments on the same Price Graph.


Monitor and filter real time news feeds to keep your finger on the pulse of the market. News stories can be read directly in our news viewer. News headlines are available directly on the chart. React quickly to current events as they happen.

compact charts

Analysis File Management

Create alternate analyses to explore other 'what if' scenarios concurrently with your primary view. All analysis files are managed in a local database. Import and Export analysis files to share with other people.

Compact Charts and Arrangement

Use Compact Charts to maximize your screen space. Automatically size and position your charts on a monitor by using our unique Tile Windows feature.

Trading and Order Management


With integrated trading, MotiveWave makes it easy to place and adjust orders. Manage all of your orders directly from the console. Even orders placed outside MotiveWave can be displayed and adjusted (depending on Broker Support).

Trade History

Trade history can be plotted directly on a chart visually indicating where you have entered and exited positions in the past. All of your trade history may be viewed in tabular format from the console.

order presets

Order Management

Manage all of your orders in one location. The console contains an order management panel that displays all outstanding orders. From here you can create new orders, adjust or cancel existing orders.

Order Presets

Streamline your order entry by configuring commonly used order sizes, increments and stops. Presets can be adjusted for instrument types as well as specifically for an instrument.



Workspaces may be used to separate different brokerage accounts. Each workspace instance contains its own local database instance that stores all information related to that workspace. This includes the following:

  • Instrument Data: An Instrument represents a specific stock, futures contract, option, index, forex pair etc. Specific information related to each instrument is stored locally. The exact type of information stored is dependent on the broker and the type of instrument. Instrument Organizer state is also stored in the workspace. This includes all instrument folders, their configuration state and the instruments that they contain.

  • Chart Data: Chart data downloaded from your data service is cached locally to improve the performance and enable access to your charts when the data service is not available. Data is stored in the following bar sizes: 1 Minute, 5 Minute, 30 Minute, 1 Day

  • Analysis Files: Charts are used to display historical and real time data for a specific instrument as well as the analysis (eg studies, markup, trend lines, commentary etc) that you have created. Analysis data is saved in the workspace and associated with the given instrument. This information may be exported in XML format and shared with other MotiveWave users.

  • Window State Information: When the MotiveWave application is closed, the size and position of the console and all open charts is saved within the workspace. The next time you open this workspace all windows will be restored to the last known state.

  • Configuration Data: Configuration data includes account connection information (passwords are NOT stored), theme settings, order presets etc.



MotiveWave themes may be used to configure an appearance to suit your style and taste. There are two aspects to configuring a theme: Window Theme and Chart Theme.

chart theme

The Window Theme affects the style of all windows and dialogs. This includes the window decorations (title bar, menu bar, tool bar, status bar etc) as well as the menu styles, backgrounds and gradients.

The Chart Theme affects the style of the chart area. This includes the background, button, bar colors and default colors for text, lines and fill.



MotiveWave is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing Broker or Data Service. This allows you to choose the broker or data service that best meets your trading style while still using the best of breed set of tools for trading and analysis.

MotiveWave has advanced state-of-the-art charts and integrated trading/order management. Without itemizing every detail, the following are some of the major functionalities.

Wave Formations - Creating waves from components and/or tools.
Wave Degrees - Choosing wave degrees (manual and automatic).
Rules and Guidelines - Application of wave rules and guidelines.
Ratio Analysis - Application of Ratio Analysis to precisely predict market turns.
Composing and Decomposing Waves - Building wave patterns at multiple degrees.
Channels and Ranges - Utilities for identifying channels and wave ranges.
Miscellaneous - Other useful features
Compact charts to optimize your screen space.
Conveniently access features from the compact tool bar or context menu.
Easy to switch between compact and normal mode.
Common features are easily accessible via the Context Menu.
Specifically designed for use with multiple monitors.
Automatically size and position your charts on a monitor with our unique Tile Windows feature.
Display and compare multiple instruments on the same chart. Click on an instrument to switch the price axis.
Add as many instrument studies to a chart as you like.
Easily switch back to the primary instrument.
Use callouts, annotations, notes, formatted text, arrows, boxes and more to clearly explain your view.
Many formatting options available for changing the fonts, text styles, alignment, colors and outlines.
Comments - Writing text comments with roughly 15 different components.
Callouts, Annotations and Notes - Different types of callouts and notes.
Arrows - Indicate where you expect the market to continue.
Brackets - Curly and square brackets.
Boxes and Ellipses - Use to outline an important area.
Markers - Various indicator components.
Saved Between Sessions - The analysis may be saved and retrieved after the chart is closed.
Alternate Analyses - Alternate analyses on the same instrument can be created and maintained simultaneously.
Share with other People - The analysis may be exported and shared with someone else.
Viewed at Different Time Frames - The same analysis may be opened by multiple charts and viewed in different time frames simultaneously.
Placing Orders (Trading) - Creating and placing orders from a chart and the Console.
Trade History - Displaying the trade history layer in a chart and the trade history panel in the Console.
Order Management - Managing all outstanding orders from a single location.
Order Presets - Configuring presets for quick order entry.

MotiveWave has created several short training videos to give you a better idea of how the platform works and to help get you set up and started.

The Basics

Using The Console

Overview on how to use the console (roughly 10 minutes).

Using and Customizing Layouts

Overview on how to use layouts in the console.

Chart Groups

Overview on how to use chart groups.

Trading Basics

Overview on how to trade.

Chart Basics

Overview on how to use charts

Adding/Editing Studies

How to add and edit studies

Alternate Analyses

Creating and working with alternate analyses

Installation and Setup

Getting Started

Overview on how to register and install MotiveWave (roughly 11 minutes).