StrategyQuant is a software that automatically generates trading strategies based on your predefined performance goals. You don't need to know MetaTrader MQL or other language. No programming is necessary, and you don't need to be an expert on technical indicators or strategy building techniques either.

StrategyQuant allows traders to

  • Build unlimited number of unique trading strategies
  • Develop strategies for virtually any market or timeframe
  • Generate new trading ideas you wouldn't think of
  • Reduce the time required to build new strategy from weeks to minutes
  • Save the randomly generated strategies as a MT4 EA with full source code!


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30-day no obligation money back guarantee!

If you buy the program and you are not satisfied with it, you can return it within 30 days of your purchase. You will receive your money back, no questions asked.

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Manual creation of a trading strategy - the old way

Manual development of a new trading strategy is a slow process. It starts with trader using his experience and knowledge to pick up the elements of the trading strategy like technical indicators, price patterns, entry and exit order types and general strategy design. When the prototype is finished, strategy is tested on the historical data to prove its profitability. The backtest often reveals that the strategy results are not acceptable. So the trader has to alter it, add or change some indicators, try different ideas, different values and then test it again.

It is a long trial-and-error process with numerous iterations, revisions and testing until the strategy achieves acceptable results.

Now imagine you have a tool that does this entire manual work for you, and does it 1000x faster...

The StrategyQuant way

StrategyQuant requires only a fraction of the second to automatically generate new trading strategy. It uses various combinations of technical indicators and price patterns as the entry rules, combines it with various order types (market, stop, limit, ...) and with various exit rules (fixed profit target, trailing stop, etc..). When the strategy is ready it is tested on the historical data to find out if it is profitable.

StrategyQuant can do this over and over again, generating and testing tens of the new unique strategies every second! All you have to do is pick up the best ones!

A trading strategy in the initial population is constructed using a combination of price patterns, technical indicators, order types, and other parts to form the entry and exit rules.

StrategyQuant can use all standard technical indicators and oscillators (like CCI, RSI, Stochastic, etc.), time values (like time of day, day of week) and price patterns. These building blocks are then combined using logical and equality operators (and, or, >, <, etc.) to form an entry or exit rule. In addition, it supports different entry and exit order types (market order, limit order, fixed profit target, exit after X bars, etc.).

Its main advantage is speed - program works 1000x faster than any human and it can produce new unique trading strategy literally every second!

With all the possible combinations of rules and orders, StrategyQuant is capable of generating literally trillions of different possible trading strategies.

The building process itself is completely random - builder randomly picks different building blocks from the available pool and combines them to create entry rule, order type and exit rule.

There are some validity constraints that ensure that, for example, price is not compared to time value, etc.

The result is a completely new random trading strategy.

Using Genetic Evolution

Genetic Evolution takes the process of finding suitable trading strategies even further. In this mode StrategyQuant first creates a number of random strategies, which are used as the initial population in the evolution.

The initial generation of strategies is then "evolved" over successive generations using genetic programming technology.

This process imitates the evolution - the algorithm chooses the fittest strategies (using selected performance criteria) in every generation, and the group of fittest candidates is then used to produce new generation of trading strategies.

As in evolution, this should result in better and better candidates, in our case in strategies that are more profitable, more stable, or generally better in the selected performance criteria.

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Topics covered


What exactly is StrategyQuant?

StrategyQuant is a software program that can generate new trading systems (robots, Expert Advisors).
You can use it to find new and unique trading systems that can give you competitive advantage (edge) against other traders.

How much money can I really make?

If you ask this question you don't understand what StrategyQuant is about. It is not a black box or trading robot that gives some fixed income.
How much money you can make depends on the strategies you'll generate with it. There's no guarantee of anything in trading.

Do I need to have any prior experience in Forex trading?

Not necessarily, if you are willing to learn.
Experience with automatic trading and strategy testing and valuation is a plus, but StrategyQuant comes with a comprehensive Users Guide that covers most of the basics. There is also an Articles & Videos section on our webpage.

Will I get any help or assistance from you?

Yes, you will receive personal assistance and support with the purchase of the system. You can contact us with any program or trading related question and I will be happy to help you.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 30 days no obligation money back guarantee. If you buy the program and you'll be not satisfied with it, you can return it within 30 days of your purchase.
We will give you your money back, no questions asked. This will terminate your license, however, and you will not be permitted to use it any longer.


How is the algorithm in StrategyQuant different from genetic optimization in MetaTrader 4?

These are two very different things. MetaTrader allows you to optimize only the input parameters of the strategy, and it uses genetic algorithm in the process.
Genetic Builder, on the other hand, can CREATE the new strategies from scratch.

Do I need MetaTrader4 to use these strategies?

It is not a requirement. StrategyQuant can export the generated strategies in MetaTrader4 Expert Advisor format, so you can just take the strategy MQ4 and run it in MetaTrader.
If you trade manually, or using a different platform, you can also benefit from Genetic Builder. The strategy can be exported also in the plain text format, so that you can see what the exact rules are. You can then trade the strategy manually or code it in your own favorite platform.

Is the Expert Advisor code protected?

Source code for MetaTrader Expert Advisor generated by the program is not protected in any way. You'll get the complete source code for the strategy, nothing is hidden.

Can I sell the Expert Advisors generated by your program?

Yes, if you own the full version of Genetic Builder. The generated strategies are yours and you can do whatever you want with it.

How do I know the trading strategies produced will be profitable in real trading?

StrategyQuant offers several techniques to solve this problem; the most important of them is Out of Sample testing.
It means that you let the program to generate and test the strategies on one part of the data, and then test their performance on the rest of your data file.
If the strategy is curve fitted, it will fail on the "unknown" part of data.
On the other side, if the strategy is robust and has a real edge, it will be profitable also on the unknown part of data, and there is a very big chance that it will be profitable also in the future.

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Below you can see a few equity curves of strategies generated by Genetic Builder. It is an example of how easy you can build your own portfolio of trading robots.

These strategies were handpicked as the best from several hundred thousands of strategies generated by the Builder in a few days of continuous running time. The manual process of filtering the strategies and choosing the best took less than 2 hours.

All the strategies were built on data from the 2000-2006 years, then forward tested on data from 2007-2011, and had good performance also on the unknown data period.

Please note that these are examples only, you can use StrategyQuant to generate your own strategies that fit your own trading style and risk preference.

Strategy 0.22952 - EURUSD - 1 Hour

Strategy based on ADX, it is very robust because it works also on other timeframes and even on other currencies (other ADX period or SL/PT values should be used).

Strategy 0.44204 - USDCHF - 1 Hour

Strategy based on Bollinger Bands, it seems to be the very stable strategy with almost ideal equity curve.

Strategy 0.34164 - AUDUSD - 1 Hour

Strategy based on Williams%R indicator.

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EA Wizard is a software that allows you to create Expert Advisors for MetaTrader4, quickly, simply, without programming:

  • Test your trading idea on real market data and immediately find out if it is profitable
  • Create a Trading Signals Alerts Indicator that will notify you about trading signal by sound or email alert
  • Easily design EAs using multiple currencies and multiple timeframes, custom indicators, emails warnings, trading time filters, and money management options
  • Every strategy can be saved as a MetaTrader4 EA with full source code!
Test and Trade Your Strategies Automatically:


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