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Price Action is simply defined as price’s movement over time however it reflects the order flow behind it which is what causes prices to increase or decrease.

By learning how to read price action and the order flow behind it, you can learn to trade in any environment on any time frame without indicators. Learning how to read price action will tell you if there are strong buyers or sellers, if it’s a trending or range-bound environment. If the market will breakout or reverse.

In these courses, we focus on learning how to read price action using rule-based systems to take all the guesswork out of your trading. All the systems are based upon 10years of quantitative analysis on pure price action formations never before made available to the public.

For those looking to learn how to trade any environment using pure price action and accelerate your learning curve, then this course will take your trading to the next level.


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Pro Forex Course Learn the Shadow Systems, Advanced Price Action Strategies and High Probability Rule-based Systems that work! $399 USD $375
Price Action and Pivot Point Course Learn Advanced Price Action and Pivot Point rule-based systems that work. $399 USD $375
Advanced Ichimoku Course The most Advanced Ichimoku Course out there and there are currently no other courses on the subject with this level of advanced material on the Ichimoku Cloud. $399 USD $375


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Numbers of Sessions Price
1 Session - 1 hour $25 FXStreet discount
$225 (Instead of $250)
4 Session package: Learn 2-3 Proprietary Trading Systems $50 FXStreet discount
$850 (Instead of $900)
8 Session package: Learn 4-6 Proprietary Trading Systems $75 FXStreet discount
$1675 (Instead of $1750)

Important Note: This course is the same as the one offered in 2nd Skies Forex website. It includes all material and benefits with the special discount for FXStreet visitors.

Your Coach

chris capre

Chris Capre is the Fund Manager for White Knight Investments. He started trading the equity markets during the dotcom boom, taught himself forex trading and in 2004, received an offer to work for retail broker Forex Capital Markets. In 2006 he started trading for the JNF Hedge Fund, and in 2007, started Second Skies LLC which provides education and helps traders learn how to trade successfully.

Chris currently sits on the Advisory Board for the International Business Times and writes weekly articles for them, in addition to writing for FXStreet, ForexFloor, Currency Trader and The Forex Journal. He is also the author of the DVD 'Pivot Points and Swing Trading'. Chris appears regularly on TV for Trading Views. He has taught at various trading conferences, including the Advanced Traders Workshop, The Money Show, The FX Expo and International Traders Conference.

Chris holds degrees in Neuroscience and Philosophy from Northern Illinois University where he was a Golden Key National Honor Student. He is also a certified 'Masters Class' yoga instructor and has taught over 3000 classes.

Now that he has become a successful Forex Trader, he resides in his second home in Buenos Aires, Argentina as he can live anywhere in the world trading professionally. He also loves to in his spare time teach weekly classes at FXStreet on Ichimoku Trading.

His specialties include using Ichimoku, Price Action, Pivot Point and Quantitative models and he is currently the only person teaching classes on the Ichimoku Cloud in the Western Hemisphere.

Go to Chris' contributor page to watch his webinars and read his reports.

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