Weekly Classes

Every week 1000 Pip Club conducts a one hour online webinar where the market is reviewed as it corresponds to the training material. These classes are archived for ongoing review. However, live attendance is encouraged and student interaction as it provides a “wealth of practical insight and application” in real time market conditions.

  • Market Review: Class leaders review selected currency pairs; reading the charts as they correspond to real time market conditions in order to sharpen market insight
  • Student Engagement: It provides a friendly, encouraging and respectful learning environment for students to “grab the mic” and share their thoughts and plans, or ask questions. The class moderators gently push the students to stretch themselves, step out of their comfort zones and actively participate.

Learning Resources

Being professional traders, the 1000 Pip Club team appreciates that becoming a successful Forex trader is a monumental task. Therefore, the learning part has been made as efficient as possible. 1000 Pip Club also understands that different students learn in different ways. In order to deliver a comprehensive training program that is effective for all students, the 1000 Pip Club program has been designed with videos, articles, and other “visuals” that enhance the student’s learning experience.


Training videos are delivered to you via multiple formats. Training videos have been retained in their original long play format; they have also been sliced into subject matter segments that are very easy to comprehend. This provides you with an index and catalogue of the videos, along with all other corresponding materials that allows easy access to specific information.

Chart Studies

One of the most exciting features of the 1000 Pip Club training program is the chart studies – these are visual demonstrations that make some of the more complex concepts easier to follow. There is presently an extensive list of chart studies that allow you to read the explanation side by side with the actual chart(s).


This is the library of proprietary articles, most of which were written by 1000 Pip Club's founder, Jeff Langin.


This is the repository of terms and definitions, including both generally accepted industry terms, along with proprietary terms used in the trading methodologies that 1000 Pip Club teaches.


1000 Pip Club recognizes the importance of interaction with other traders to share and learn current market conditions, potential entry opportunities, and other Forex related issues. The forum is very easy to use, as it allows you to easily locate posts and messages and build relationships with other like-minded traders.