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Learning Center

FXStreet's educational program made of 4 units and loads of recommended contents, videos and readings which final goal is to help you set up a personal and unique trading plan. Check out more about the Learning Center, get to know your tutor Gonçalo Moreira and read our FAQ.

1000 Pip Club

The 1000 Pip Club training regimen is an interactive education program of the Forex market in its entirety; essential fundamental skills, advanced chart reading skills and an understanding of what other traders globally are thinking and doing. 500$ OFF only for FXStreet users!

2ndSkies Forex

For those looking to learn how to trade any environment using pure price action and accelerate their learning curve, then Chris Capre will take your trading to the next level. 3 different courses and private mentorship, with discount for FXStreet users!

Pro Trader Strategies

Pro Trader Strategies Online Forex strategy courses are created by Steve Primo in order to pass his extensive knowledge on to you. The course includes trade alerts and weekly Forex trading lessons. Exclusive discounts and extra contents for FXStreet users... up to 500$ off!

Live Trading Room:


Live Trading Room conducted by Andrei Knight which combines advanced Fibonacci strategies together with pivot points and moving averages into an easy-to-learn trading system. Review a session sample and enjoy our discount.

Psychological Coaching:

High Performance Global

Steve Ward's proven methodology utilizes a blend of performance psychology, neuroscience, behavioral finance and cognitive behavioral coaching and balances the art of coaching with the science of performance. From Download to Mentoring, check the different services that are offered.

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