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  1. The USD continues to struggle to regain momentum
     by ZuluTrade Oct 22, 07:11 GMT
  2. USDCAD: 1.1335-1.1350 on the upside, 1.1145-1.1160 on the downside
     by Chifbaw LLC Oct 22, 05:40 GMT
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     by Online Trading Academy Oct 22, 06:26 GMT
  4. CEE Macroeconomic and Fixed Income Research
     by Erste Bank Oct 22, 07:22 GMT
  5. Gold trades slightly weak
     by FXStreet Oct 22, 07:15 GMT
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     by BK Asset Management Oct 20, 17:52 GMT
  2. EUR/USD: dollar fights back, 1.2700 now critical
     by FXStreet Oct 21, 19:15 GMT
  3. Fed to complete tapering next week and then new round of uncertainty
     by Rockefeller Treasury Services, Inc. Oct 21, 12:54 GMT
  4. Stocks rip higher again on the back of more rumours of monetary easing, Aussie fails
     by Vantage FX Oct 21, 22:00 GMT
  5. USD/CHF: Approaching Confluence
     by Oct 21, 15:06 GMT