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  1. EUR/USD gained 1.2670 on Draghi
     by FXStreet Oct 2, 13:03 GMT
  2. EUR/USD muted post-ECB
     by FXStreet Oct 2, 11:51 GMT
  3. Asia Recap: USD big loser on stop-loss hunting
     by FXStreet Oct 2, 04:22 GMT
  4. ECB's Draghi gives details of ABS and covered bond purchase programs
     by FXStreet Oct 2, 12:43 GMT
  5. EUR/USD steady as ECB releases programmes details
     by FXStreet Oct 2, 13:39 GMT
  1. ECB Easing: Too Little, Too Late?
     by Oct 1, 22:26 GMT
  2. Asian shares all in red: Japan's Nikkei -2.61%
     by ZuluTrade Oct 2, 07:21 GMT
  3. Euro recovers off lows ahead of ECB decision today
     by UKForex Oct 2, 10:33 GMT
  4. EURUSD: Time for a dovish Draghi to reappear
     by ForexTime (FXTM) Oct 2, 08:28 GMT
  5. EUR/USD Forecast: Draghi's decision awaited
     by FXStreet Oct 2, 09:25 GMT
  1. FX market seems not to be punishing the ECB
     by Rockefeller Treasury Services, Inc. Oct 1, 12:40 GMT
  2. EUR/USD: all eyes on Draghi now
     by FXStreet Oct 1, 19:39 GMT
  3. Michael Rosecliff: Dollar ahead of 14 month windows of continued strength
     by FXStreet Oct 1, 16:08 GMT
  4. AUDUSD: Goodbye Somber September, Hello Optimistic October!
     by Oct 1, 19:00 GMT
  5. ECB expected to outline details of ABS plan at October meeting
     by FXStreet Sep 30, 13:24 GMT