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     by FXStreet Aug 15, 13:02 GMT
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     by FXStreet Aug 15, 08:37 GMT
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     by Dukascopy Bank SA Aug 15, 07:44 GMT
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     by Black Swan Capital Aug 20, 06:11 GMT
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     by Blackwell Global Investments Limited Aug 20, 05:25 GMT
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     by Aug 20, 07:02 GMT
  5. GBP/USD Drops Sharply to 1.6620 After Inflation Rate Falls
     by MarketPulse Aug 20, 02:05 GMT
  1. EUR/USD: mighty dollar wins
     by FXStreet Aug 19, 19:17 GMT
  2. Stay out if you can manage it
     by Rockefeller Treasury Services, Inc. Aug 19, 12:37 GMT
  3. Investors Buy Dollars Aggressively Ahead of Fed Minutes
     by BK Asset Management Aug 19, 22:07 GMT
  4. EUR/USD – Little Acitivity as Markets Eye US Inflation Numbers
     by MarketPulse Aug 19, 09:52 GMT
  5. FX: Here's Why its Going to be a Busy Week
     by BK Asset Management Aug 18, 22:09 GMT