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Wednesday, Jul 23, 11:30 GMT

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Current Session: Europe

EUR/USD Forecast: Sellers aligned at 1.3475

EURUSD chart

The EUR/USD trades in a tight range in this European session, capped below former year low of 1.3476, and with a fresh one so far at 1.3454, measly 20 pips on the day. With no much news coming from Europe, the pair seems unable to catch momentum either side of the board...

Trader’s eye on majors, short term

Valeria BednarikValeria Bednarik – European currencies weak, commodity ones on the run: crosses still offering the best intraday opportunities.

EUR/USD Forecast: Sellers aligned at 1.3475 by FXStreet

GBP/USD Forecast: chances of a break below 1.70 increased by FXStreet

GBPAUD testing 200 DMA for 4th time this year after BOE by ForexTrading.TV

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Floor and Ceiling for the NASDAQ

When an object is in motion, the range of that motion is typically very clear. Take a ball for example. If I am standing in a room and I throw the ball up to the ceiling, I know it will hit the ceiling and fall to the floor. If the ceiling is 10ft high and I throw the ball up from a height of 5ft, it will rise 5ft and fall 10ft. I think it’s reasonable for me to assume we can all agree with this scenario.

The Highs and Lows of Being a New Trader

Comparison for a Trading Advantage

The Trader You Aspire To Be Is Already In You

Forex has complicated jargon. Check out our Forex Glossary for all trading-related words definitions.

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