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Friday, Oct 24, 11:07 GMT

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Current Session: Europe

GBP/USD Forecast: relief rally after GDP data

GBPUSD chart

The GBP/USD surges early Europe, supported by good news in the UK regarding GDP data: both quarterly and yearly readings came in line with expected, but the previous of the first was revised up to 0.9%. Details show that output was pretty balanced...

Trader’s eye on majors, short term

Valeria BednarikValeria Bednarik – Markets in tight consolidation ahead of key Central Bank events next week.

EUR/USD Forecast: mute near the lows by FXStreet

GBP/USD Forecast: relief rally after GDP data by FXStreet

Looming weekend for event risk with ECB stress test results by TradeTheNews.com

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Andrei KnightFibonacci Friday
Expert: Andrei Knight
Start: Fri, Oct 24, 15:00 GMT

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Dr. S. SivaramanAsian Session: Live Market Analysis
Expert: Dr. S. Sivaraman
Start: Mon, Oct 27, 05:00 GMT

Type of Session: Webinar

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The Science of Trading

Before starting my career at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, I did two things and really two things only. I played ice hockey and went to school where the focus of my studies was Biology and Genetics. I know what you’re thinking, how boring… Well, I actually was and am still fascinated with the study of life so I really enjoyed those days. Around every corner of Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, and...

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Is It Trading News or Noise?

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photoPierre Chahine has a new status 22 minutes ago EUR/JPY: Already (SHORT) sold the pair from 136.04 ADD 13710 with TSL 137.70 & TP on 13380.

photoDaologic has a new status 30 minutes ago BBH:During the North American session, the US will report September new home sales. (see comments)

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